Student Cruises

Hauling up the sails with the crew of the Schooner Woodwind

Students can raise the sails!

Student Groups

An interactive, educational sailing cruise on the Woodwind is perfect for student groups.

  • Camps
  • Boy Scouts
  • School Groups
  • Field Trips

All ages can be accommodated by our programs.  We have different programs set up where the students can:

  • help raise the sails
  • steer the boat
  • learn about the ecology of the Chesapeake, and
  • understand the terms used by sailors
We educate girl scouts about the "Wonders of Water" and sailing using an interactive approach while cruising the Chesapeake Bay.

Students can steer the boat!

Girl Scouts

Sail away with your troop on one of the Woodwind’s specialized cruises for your type of troop. Whether it is learning about the ‘Wonders of Water’, understanding navigation aboard a large boat, working as a team to sail the boat, we have a program for all ages.  We have many girl scouts come across our decks and raise the sails, steer the boat, and learn the terminology of sailing while the adults sit back and watch their children participate! Everyone has a great time!


Schooner Participation Patch

 Participation Patch

A student trip is not complete without a souvenir participation patch that is brightly colored with the Schooner Woodwind, Annapolis Sailing Cruises logo. These patches are inexpensive and are included with some of the scout programs.

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