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“Excellent communication and interaction by the staff. The best team building!”

Megan Caylor

Take your teamwork to the next level! Learn sail-training from our professional crew and set exciting goals to challenge your team.

The “Challenge” is ideal for groups looking for a high level team building program, but who may not have the numbers (or the budget) to go for the “Ultimate Team Challenge”. Experience hands-on sail-training from our professional crew, including all the fundamentals of sailing from sail trim to helming and navigation. Enhance your group’s teamwork while enjoying a spectacular day sailing the Chesapeake!


Rise to the Challenge…

The challenge begins as soon as Woodwind leaves the dock, as your team is called to action to help raise the sails, right in Annapolis Harbor! Once under way, the captain will give a brief overview of how to sail a schooner. The crew will then assign your group to four stations, each responsible for learning a different skill. Two stations will trim sails, one manning the staysail and jib, the other controlling the fisherman sail. The third station will learn basic navigational skills, from taking a ‘fix’ to see where the boat is on a chart, to plotting a course and using a compass. The ‘Nav. Team’ must communicate directions to the last station, the ‘Helm Team’, who will learn how to steer Woodwind. At the conclusion of the training program, your team as a whole must work together to sail Woodwind back to Annapolis!


Team Building under full sail on Schooner Woodwind

Team Building under full sail on Schooner Woodwind

Communication & Teamwork

Sailing a 74-foot schooner may seem like a daunting task, but your team will soon be up to it! After a brief break, the captain and crew step aside and Woodwind is under your command! Cooperation, teamwork and communication are essential as your group must work together to sail ‘Woodwind’ back to Annapolis. At the conclusion, your group will have gained a new appreciation for teamwork, while sailing aboard one of the most beautiful sailboats on the Bay!


Celebrate Your Success!

Woodwind specializes in making your trip truly unforgettable! We have several additions to our team building programs that will make your trip truly unique!

  • Outfit your teams in authentic ‘Crew’ t-shirts
  • End your cruise with a crab feast at Jimmy Cantler’s Crab House!
  • Indulge with a beer, wine or our fruity signature specialty drink to enjoy after the program!
  • Enjoy a champagne toast at the program’s conclusion!

Call Our Staff to Plan Your Team building Challenge! 410-263-1981

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