Teens- Smooth Sailing, your relationship with the water

Sailing cruise departs from Annapolis, Maryland and sails into the Chesapeake Bay.

Goal: To educate the scouts using an interactive approach to complete Step 1 of the AMBASSADOR level “Water Legacy Naturalist Badge” by trying sailing, your new water skill aboard a 74-foot, classic wooden schooner Woodwind.

Availability:  Sunday through Friday during the day and on Saturday mornings.  If you can fill the entire boat with 48 people, the program is available any time.

  • Minimum of 18 passengers (mix of scouts & adults)
  • All other tickets, up to 48 passengers, will be sold to the general public.

2-Hour Cruise Includes: soft drink or bottled water, snack & Schooner Woodwind Participation Patch

Printer Friendly VersionHow We Teach: During your two-hour cruise aboard the Schooner Woodwind, we take a very interactive approach to educating the girls about sailing. The crew educates by asking questions. This enables our crew to find out the level of interest and knowledge in a fun and interactive way while dispersing fun facts to the scouts.

  • Girls will be split into smaller groups (around 8 each)
  • Each smaller group will work directly with the crew member
  • Girls will help raising all the sails
  • Girls will cycle through the different learning topics
  • When they get to the Captain, the captain will quiz them on their new found knowledge.
  • When a girl raises her hand and a correct answer is given, she will take a turn helming (steering) the boat.
  • It is our intent to offer every girl a turn at the “helm”.

Teens, Seniors, Cadettes, Seniors, Ambassadors Sailing Cruise
Sail the Schooner


Please come with the following information and knowledge:

  • Please have the girls prepped on sailing terminology so they are familiar with some of the terms before stepping aboard. If they learn these terms, we can show them how we use these terms aboard. See Terms Used by Sailors.
  • Teach your girls ahead of time the most important thing to know about sailing – where the wind is coming from. Have them practice looking for wind direction a couple of weeks before sailing. This will help them understand how a sailboat moves through the water with just wind. (Have them look at smoke stacks of steam, which way flags are blowing, which way the waves are going, etc. Hint: Licking your finger doesn’t work so well and it’s gross.)
  • Life jacket Safety
  • Come prepared with sunscreen (non-greasy) already applied.
  • Know what to do in an emergency, hypothermia, sunstroke, near drowning

Bring the following items with you:

  • Have the girls find the latitude and longitude of where they come aboard the boat. Have them use 80 Compromise Street, Annapolis, MD 21401.
  • Prepare a weather briefing, marine forecast for the Chesapeake Bay (From Sandy Point To North Beach) using
  • High and Low Tide information for the specific date you are sailing.

Curriculum aboard Schooner Woodwind

  • Prepare to Get Underway
    • Show you know how to be safe on the water.
    • One of the girls will demonstrate how to put a life jacket on in front of the passengers during the captain’s safety speech. This is where we explain what to do if someone falls overboard and if there is a fire aboard the boat.
    • One of your girls will assist in helping the crew get a final headcount before we leave the dock, and give that count to the on-shore office.
    • The captain will talk briefly about where to sit and what to expect aboard.
    • One of your girls, or a small group of girls, should present a weather briefing. This shall be read aloud to the captain and passengers to show how the weather may affect the captain’s decision on how many sails to put up and the route to take.
    • One of the girls or a very small group of girls will accompany a crew member to make a log entry of how many people are aboard, weather conditions, and check any systems before raising sails.
    • Girls that have not helped in other areas will help raise the sails with the supervision of the crew.
  • Communication signals and language used by Sailors
    • We will show them why it is so important for them to know where the wind is coming from and how a sailboat moves under wind power alone.
    • Learn the communication signals and language used by sailors.
    • The crew will go over sailing terminology and why we use it aboard.
    • We will also teach them hand signals a lookout uses when on the bow of a boat. We will have them practice being a “look-out”.
  • Navigation & Technology aboard a Sailing Vessel.
    • One of your girls, or a small group of girls should prepare a briefing including a tide table of when high and low tide is for the day. We will be explaining why this information is necessary.
    • We will quickly show them how to find out where they are by using latitude and longitude. We will be using their coordinates from where we are dockside and then figure out how far we have gone.
    • Some chart-work may be taught, depending on the time frame and their knowledge base.

There is so much to see as we sail past the United States Naval Academy into the Chesapeake Bay. Along the way, we point out the interesting sights to everyone aboar

Great info to give to the girls before their arrival: Parts of the Boat, Terms Used by Sailors

(Optional) Schooner Woodwind Geocaching Adventure Trail

We made up a FREE Geocaching Adventure Trail through some sights of Annapolis. Learn More

Schooner Woodwind Geocache Trail in historic Annapolis for girl scouts

What to Wear: Since we sail rain or shine, bring gear so you are prepared for the conditions that are predicted ON the water – layered clothing and soft soled shoes.

Plan Your Trip

Sailing Schedule:

Summer, Late May – August, Seven Days a Week
11:00 am – 1:00 pm, 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm, 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Mid-April – Mid-May & October, Tuesday – Sunday
September, Seven Days a Week
10:00 am – 12:00 pm, 12:30 – 2:30 pm, 3:00 – 5:00 pm

Saturdays, Girl Scouts can only book earliest cruise time unless you have a group of 48 passengers (entire boat).

Sailing Rates:

Weekday Daytime: $52 Adults, $49 Students (12 years old +), $37 Children (under 12)
Weekend trips: $55 Adults, $53 Students (12 years old +), $37 Children (under 12)

– Rates include soda, snack, tax and gratuity.
– Child & Student Tickets include Schooner Woodwind Participation Patch

We sail rain or shine. There are no refunds or exchanges unless the captain cancels the cruise due to unsafe conditions.

According to the Girl Scout USA Safety Checkpoints, they want all girl scouts, adults, and other children aboard a “girl scout” cruise to be outfitted in life jackets. We have purchased Type III life jackets which are more comfortable for non-emergency use.

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