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Enjoy delicious catering while sailing the Chesapeake Bay.

Enjoy delicious catering while sailing the Chesapeake Bay.

From succulent appetizers to scrumptious meals, your Schooner Woodwind sales agent will help you choose the perfect accompaniment to your private cruise.

Light House Bistro Catering is the exclusive caterer for the Schooner Woodwind & Woodwind II.  All food is prepared to order in their local kitchen using the freshest ingredients possible. All food selections are served either chilled or room temperature during your charter.

Private Cruise Special Menus

Sailing to a Crab Feast – The thrill of sailing to a local crab house for a sumptuous seafood feast! 5-hour minimum time commitmentNot available right now due to the Restaurant’s Group Policy Restrictions.  — Just add crab cakes onto your catering order aboard.

Brews in the Breeze – Time to partake of some regional craft beers and appetizers with a fun-filled tasting aboard! 2-hour minimum time commitment.

The Woodwind staff is committed to preserving our environment.  Along with our company-wide recycling efforts, we are now using all biodegradable paper goods, made from renewable resources, for our catering services.  Our paper plates are made from sugar cane pulp and our utensils and cups are made from hypo-allergenic corn products.  All of these items biodegrade naturally within 60-90 days of disposal.

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