COVID -19 Information and Updates

New Sailing Updates for 2021 (revised June 22, 2021): 

As always, tickets for our 2-hour public sailing cruises are available for purchase beginning 6 days before the sailing date.

We have limited capacity to 30 people on public cruises and to 40 people on private events.

As a USCG passenger vessel, we fall under the category of public conveyances

If you book a private event, the maximum capacity is 40 guests. Please talk to our Private Event Sales Team at 410-263-1981 for all the details to make your event a special one.

Also, there have been many updates to our operating practices that guests should review:

Operational Changes:

  • Face Coverings: On June 10, 2021, the CDC announced that people are no longer required to wear a mask outdoors on conveyances or outdoors at transportation hubs.  The CDC continues to recommend people who are not fully vaccinated wear a mask in these areas to protect themselves and others. Info:
  • Sanitize, Sanitize. High-touch points of the vessels are sanitized between every cruise we operate. Deep cleaning is done every morning. It would be good to bring your own hand sanitizer with you, or you can use the hand sanitizer in the bathroom area.
  • Symptom-Free. Guests and our employees will be turned away if they have apparent symptoms. Additionally, our employees will perform temperature checks prior to reporting to work each day.  Guests will need to “self-certify” when buying tickets that they (and all persons in their party) have no physical signs of COVID-19 and that they have not been asked to self-quarantine by a physician or a local public health individual.
  • We have a great bar stocked with craft beer, wine, bubbly and more. Bar transactions are cashless and contactless. We will provide you with a simple QR Code that gets you to a web portal to buy your drinks while aboard. You can even add gratuity into the web portal. For those without a smartphone, a tablet will be available for your use.
  • To protect our guests and employees, as of right now we are not allowing guests to raise sails (as in past years), in order to maintain some physical distancing.  As of 6/18/21 we are allowing guests to steer the boats

Schooner Woodwind Sailing Cruises adheres to the guidelines set forth by the CDC.

Additionally, we follow the State of Maryland Guidelines as they pertain to our industry. Please also note that the guidelines we adopt may be changed over time by governing authorities and we will, therefore, adjust accordingly. For any major changes, our previously booked guests will be notified.

FAQs relating to current restrictions:

Do I have to wear a face-covering the entire time?

Will we be outside on the Schooners?

All seating on the schooners is on deck and in the open air. Due to the close quarters below, there is no seating down below available to guests. Complimentary ponchos will be given out if it starts to rain. Your own gear will far surpass these ponchos.

How much space is between me and the next person?

This will vary based on the number of guests aboard each cruise.  We have reduced capacity to allow some spacing between guests.

Can we move around the boat?

Yes, but please be mindful of other guests.

How many guests will be on the boat?

We have limited capacity to 30 people on public cruises. This is a drop of 38% of our USCG maximum capacity of 49.

How often is the boat sanitized?

The boat is sanitized between every sail, including all high-touch points (handrails, lifelines, doorknobs, cabin tops for seating) and bathrooms. The boat undergoes a deep cleaning every morning.

Can I eat on the boat?
On Public Sailing Cruises you can bring aboard your own self-contained snack or meal.  We offer several catering options for Private Charters.  You may not bring alcohol aboard, we have a liquor license, so you can purchase it from us.

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