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Annapolis Sunset as we sailed into the harbor!

Wednesday Night Racing

The light and variable breeze that we had all day strengthened to a cool 10-15 knots from the SW providing the Wednesday Night Racing fleet with a beautiful evening.  Both Woodwinds were privately chartered by one company so the competition aboard was strong.  Jen and I on both Woodwinds carefully set our strategies for a […]

Sail plan of the Schooner Woodwind


What’s up dog?!  Ben from the Flying Dog brewery, yo. The local gourmet market that paid for 70% of the tickets partied with us through sunset.  Most of them resisted the urge to witness the Venus transit across the sun while it was still high in the sky.  Ben was not to be out done […]

Wednesday Night Racing in Annapolis aboard Woodwind II

We’re always racing!

The light breeze was a challenge for our crew to keep the Woodwind II moving.  Our guests were a private charter from a fairly large corporation and they were happy to be on the water and socialize.  Ahead of us, Woodwind ghosted on a parallel course.  The proximity of the vessels invited the leader of […]

Sailing to Thomas Point Lighthouse on the Woodwind

To Thomas Point and Beyond!

What amazing day on the water! Winds were blowing around 15 knots from the West– perfect for possibly making Thomas Point Lighthouse. Our first cruise which was nearly a sell out,  was cool, sunny and breezy. All 4 sails were hoisted as we headed down the Bay. We arrived to Thomas Point Lighthouse quickly, averaging […]

Another Great Day at Office

Another great day at the office. 3 spectacular sails. With the winds blowing from the west we were able to sail down toward Thomas Point Lighthouse and back. On our 2nd sail we had a private party for a big 29th(wink,wink) birthday celebration!! On the sunset sail we had another birthday girl celebrating with a […]

Wind Brisk, Sun Great

The wind was brisk the sun was great and the sailing was fantastic. We did 4 sails today and each one was a little different. On the 1st we only flew 3 sails and made out to the bay bridge and back, the wind was great. On the 2nd we had a group of girl […]

Ospreys in Annapolis, taken from Schooner Woodwind

Chick Watch 2012

No, it’s not what you’re thinking.  Although the spring weather does bring many attractive people to Annapolis, we’ve been looking out for newborn osprey!  We’ve been keeping tabs on some of the osprey homes in Annapolis’ harbor, on the Severn, and Back Creek.  Many of these awesome nests are built upon day marks, pilings, and […]

Great Breeze

We had some great winds for sailing today. On our 11:00 sail we had a a bunch of girls from a private school do one of our girl scout programs, and they all did well and had fun sailing. Our 4:00 sail was action packed. We double reefed the mainsail and put on the storm […]

Another great day at the office

Any day on the water is a good day. We did 4 really nice sails today. We started small and the numbers built all day. On our 2nd sail a huge freighter was anchoring out in the bay and we were able to get close enough to see the anchor going down and the pilot […]

Wednesday Night Racing in Annapolis aboard Woodwind

Wednesday Night Racing

Winds were very light, less than 6 knots for the start. Woodwind was Captain Jen and Woodwind II was Captain Ken. About 12 guests on each vessel. We barely finished the race, and AYC finished their racers in the Severn, too. Great sunset! Captain Ken wins aboard Woodwind II! See the recap of the race […]

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