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South By Southwest….

We had a great day for sailing today and had a nice south west breeze. This enabled us to get close to the Thomas Point Lighthouse on one of our cruises today. You can definitely tell summer is here though on the water. It is nice when that sea breeze finally fills in from the […]

Scaffolding work being done on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge

Men at Work

We had a busy day with private charters. We had a company do a shmooze cruise with clients that they wanted to say thanks for all the business that they give them. I like the word shmooze cruise. They chartered the boat for 4 1/2 hours, and we got to Thomas Point Light, under the […]

Wednesday Night Racing on the Schooner Woodwind

Windy, Windy Day

What a terrific day we had on the water today!! The  first sail we had a girl scout cruise along with some other public guests. They were treated to some fantastic sailing. We started with all 4 sails, and had to lower the fisherman before we tacked as we made it under the Bay Bridge. […]

Drawing from a guest on the Schooner Woodwind

Let’s Go Sailing

Today’s blog was inspired by this great couple that came out sailing today. They had just been out with us last week and purchased a couple of our spectacular Woodwind Koozies (free beer every time you  you come back). So in the morning they looked over and saw the koozies and said ” Let’s  go […]

Hiking out on the Woodwind with J-World Sailing Instructors

Sailing School takes over Woodwind

Tonight, we sailed with one of my favorite groups of the season… J-Word Sailing School. All season, we sail around each other telling our guests about their sailing school and what maneuver they are teaching their students at that moment. It may be a man overboard drill, how to hove-to, or just how to sail […]

Windy Monday

Boy did we ever have winds. Every sail we did today we started with a certain amount of sails up and ended up taking some down as the wind strength picked up all day. Our first charter was a team building exercise and we ended up having to drop the Fisherman sail and finish the […]

Moth Sailboat flying/sailing through the water

Boat Designs

The NE breeze took Woodwind II to Thomas Point Lighthouse today.   Along the way we came across some amazing small boats, a Moth and a gaff rigged schooner.  There’s a boat out there for everyone, different styles serving different purposes!

Sailing with the Roaming Gnome

There’s no place like gnome

A beautiful Saturday filled with wind seemed like a fairy tale. But that is what we had for the 11:00 sail! We sailed straight across the Chesapeake Bay. Cool breezes with low humidity was a wonderful way to start the day! The low humidity was with us all day. The breezes slowed down as the […]

Sunset off of Woodwind's stern.

Beautiful Sunset

We had a great day sailing Thursday and beat the heat by staying on the water all day. The breezes were light but we were able to avoid using the dreaded 5th sail, the D-Sail (our trusty diesel). Our 1st and 3rd sails had about 20 people apiece, our 2nd sail had one couple from […]

Sailing on Woodwind with cool breezes

Cool Breeze, please.

After several days of hot and humid airs, we rode the leading edge of the cold front this evening!  Aahhhhhhhhhh, so refreshing.

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