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Oyster Buyboats in Annapolis Harbor

Harbor Burn

When the conditions are right, on the Woodwinds we enjoy doing a ‘harbor burn’.  That’s a sail around the mooring field in Annapolis harbor under full sail: main, staysail, jib, and fisherman topsail.  This is usually followed by quick striking of all sail.  It’s fun to do, and awesome to watch other boats burn it […]

Beautiful sunset over the Annapolis City Skyline

Teachers, Clouds, Buy Boats & More

Our first cruise of the day, 11:00 sail, we had a light breeze from the North that allowed us to sail at around 5 knots of boat speed, out into the middle of the Bay, into the shipping channel and back. We saw a bunch of anchored ships. One named “Genius” (funny name for a […]

Sailing up the Severn River on the sunset sail as its raining


What a day!  Amazing wind for the middle of summer. You have to love the days, as a captain, when you need to warn people where the “splash zone” is. On the first sail, we had 20-25 knot winds and sailed under the bridge in what felt like record time. On the way back to […]

Bay Bridge Sunset Aboard Schooner Woodwind

Great Day of Sailing

We had four terrific sails today. The wind was perfect. Blowing from the ESE at 10-15 knots all day. It was a great direction for going toward the Bay Bridge and we actually made it under the Bridge on 3 out of 4 sails. It was also the day of birthdays. On every trip we […]

Woodwind II at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, southbound.

Birthdays and Bachelorettes

Saturday’s breeze built beautifully from the SSE over the course of the day. In the morning, Don, a sailor from the South River, took the helm of Woodwind for the first time.  He and his family were celebrating his 80th birthday!!  If he’s living proof that sailing is good for your health, I think everyone […]

From Point to Point

Today we had only one trip. From 11:00 to 3:30. Normally we are only out for 2 hours so this limits us on how far we can go based on the wind. But with 4 and a half hours to play with and winds blowing from 10 to almost 20 knots at some times the […]

Accepting the Challenge!

This morning when the group  from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute boarded Woodwind and I told them that by the end of our training session that they would be able to take over and sail this 74′ boat around a course we gave them without any help from us, you should have heard the comments […]

Woodwind sailing under the Chesapeake Bay Bridge while a car carrier crosses under too!

Room at the Bay Bridge

Our first sail was with 11 people. The wind was beautiful and the clouds reminded me of the Caribbean. We sailed out with great wind for the first half of the trip and then the wind dropped down just as we headed into the Severn. One of the comment cards read, “Amazing trip… I want […]

Sailing aboard the Woodwind II for a dinner cruise

takin a day off so dad can sail

Captain Ken wanted to sail so Jennifer got to enjoy time with the passengers. Photo by dave pierce of centreville, va This photo was entered into our photo contest, but I think it deserves it’s own blog. (I published 2 of his photo contest entries already.) Dave and his wife came from Virginia to go […]

Sailing into the sunset on the Chesapeake Bay

Everything Local

Captain Jen and I love food.  Jen is, admittedly, an avid foodie.  So when I saw the Everything Local Cruise, I had to plead my case to be captain.  She came up with the perfect solution.  I would captain and she would be the hostess, even though officially she was “off”.  The idea worked perfectly. […]

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