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International Day

We had a bunch of fun guests today from different parts of the world. We had the Murray family from Ireland. What a cute family!! Alyssa and Natalie to a turn at the wheel and did a great job. Go get ’em girls!! Mary Ellen and Ray were out celebrating their 36th anniversary, congratulations you […]

Sailing to a Crabfeast at Cantler's Crab House on the Schooner Woodwind

Crabs, Beer, & Sailboat Racing (that’s what Annapolis does)

Quoting a line from Wedding Crashers to make it appropriate here… but it’s so true! We sailed to a crab-feast, the guests had plenty of beer, and then 2 Maryland Breweries battled it out on the racecourse to see who would take home the Brewer’s Cup. All in a day’s work. The day started with […]

Light Air Monday….

We did 4 sails today. The winds were light most of the day but we ended up getting some breeze for the sunset sail. We spent most of our time trying to get out of the Severn river. On our 1st sail we ended up with 16 passengers and had a very nice, slow and […]

Wine in the Wind, Woodwind in a glass!

Wine in the Wind

Today was all about wine. “Wine in the Wind” is the name of our wine tasting cruises aboard the Schooner Woodwind. The region for this month’s tasting was Down Under Wines, New Zealand and Australia. Howard Dinkel from Bacchus Distributing was aboard to educate us about wines from this region and to explain about the […]

Pottsville, PA in the, BOAT.


All day, we had parties of 5+ folks sailing with their family or friends.  While boarding and underway, I asked some of these groups, “Are you all celebrating something?”  It made me happy to see the shrugs and smiles, and hear some excellent responses: “Nah, just a Sunday.”  “Hanging out with the family.”  “Um, summer?”  […]

No cobwebs here!

We all need days like this!  A strong breeze like this helps focus my mind away from the mundane.

Schooner Woodwind sailing fast in Annapolis

Great wind for 2 sails

We had a terrific day today with 2 great, windy cruises. We hit over 10 knots. The guests aboard both of our cruises really appreciated that we really sailed. And sailed fast. The boat was healing nicely over and everyone felt the excitement of a wonderful sail. We had a lot of sailors aboard and […]

Why I Love Annapolis Photo

Friday, 8/10 Great day!

Woodwind sails well in all conditions, but she excelled today.  For such a fast boat, Woodwind is well balanced.  That does not mean she will tolerate a poor helmsman.  Isabelle, was up for the challenge.  I held the wheel and  my young student felt my corrections, concentrating on the distant horizon.  Then I let go and […]

Deadrises on Mill Creek

Lunch on Mill Creek

This morning, we rigged Woodwind II in a light rain.  Since we set our canvas awning for some shelter, the precipitation stopped!  This may have been some positive perversion of Murphy’s law at work. We made a Cantler’s run today, a chartered sail to one of our favorite crab houses.  The guests, from a financial […]

Birthday Girls on Schooner Woodwind

Happy Birthday !

Happy Birthday to Barbara(yellow hat) and Phyllis(blue hat). They and their family are celebrating their 80th and 75th birthdays respectively. They flew in from Ohio to spend the weekend in Annapolis and their family surprised the ladies with a Birthday trip on the Schooner Woodwind. What a great way to spend the day. The winds […]

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