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J-Boats racing in very, very light air taken from our sunset sail on the Schooner Woodwind

Chillaxing on a Light Day

Today, we had a private charter book us for a 3 hour cruise. No… not the Gilligan’s theme song.  They were 5 minutes late, so no need to sing. Anyway, they all were teachers in a private school and wanted to relax before the first day of school on Monday. Relax they did. With very […]

Lesson #1 on Schooner Woodwind

New Sailors / Old Friends

Claudette from Phoenix is our newest sailing junkie. After dropping her daughter off to school and having some free time on her hands she came out sailing with us today. Letting us know that she wanted to take sailing lessons we put her in charge of the boat right away. After Rena explained the number […]

Blue Herons in their nests up Chase Creek, on the Severn River

This Cruise was for the Birds

Another light air day on the Schooner Woodwind II. The first cruise had wind, and the others had enough to sail up wind but motor downwind. All through the day we saw tons of birds. And lucky for us, we had Don, our bird enthusiast, aboard as crew. We saw cormorants flying in V-shaped formations […]

What Do You Do If?

What do you do if there is no wind?  It was a beautiful cool evening, so we motored up the Severn River.  We are very fortunate to have such a beautiful area to show off.  We had many of the children on board take the helm.  As you can see, for young Caroline, it was […]

Schooner "Adventure" sailing towards Schooner Woodwind II in Annapolis

When Schooners Meet

Today was a great, very light day. The wind started out very light on our first cruise with just 5 people. It was overcast and cool, and as much as we tried to sail, there was not enough wind. We took them up Back Creek. They really enjoyed it. We had a family from England […]

Sunset on Schooner Woodwind

Brewsday Evening Sail….

It started out as a very light wind day today but increased as the day wore on. We were supposed to match race against the other boat on our 1st sail but the wind did not cooperate. On the 2nd sail the wind filled in nicely and we had a great sail as we did […]

Cool August, Surprise!

I always think of August as the HOT month.  I was certainly wrong on Sunday.  It was a delightfully cool day, even with a brief, light period of  “liquid” sunshine. In the cockpit we had a group from Mexico and Peru.  Most had never sailed before.  I always enjoy explaining to visitors, especially from places […]

Sunset on the Bay

Boats of the Bay and What a Day!!

WOW! What a day we had sailing today. It was like fall sailing. A nice cool breeze blowing at 10-12 knots from the North. The boat was sailing well and the people flocked out to enjoy this wonderful day we were given. The boat was loaded down all day with frequent sailors coming out to […]

Lightning over Greenbury Point

Today we gave Woodwind a workout.  She ran gracefully in the southerly that increased over the day.  By the evening we had 19kts of wind, fantastic!  After docking, while we were putting the boat to sleep for the night, we witnessed the start of an incredible light show well to the north.  This was brought […]

Dominic and Michael skippering the Schooner Woodwind

Enjoying the Day

That is exactly what Dominic and Michael are doing. They are visiting from Munich, Germany and came out for the day on the Woodwind. It  was a pleasure to meet you guys and they did a great job steering the boat. We also had a great couple out from Guatemala in Central America. They were […]

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