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Sailing into the Sunset with local music aboard the Woodwind

Singing & Sailing into the Sunset

Woke up to the sound of rain. So much rain, that no one signed up for the first sail today.  By the second sail, 3:00-5:00, we had 2 lovely people sign up. They had a private cruise (for $72)!  We had perfect wind and made it under the Bay Bridge and back. Maureen and Jim […]

Playing with Woodwind

Don’t Waste the Wind

Today, the breeze was blasting out of the SSW, just under 20kts at times!  The conditions were perfect: warm sun, cool breeze, and flat water.  Still, we had very few people aboard.  If you are reading this, I advise you to take the kids out of school, call in sick to work, and leave the […]

Sailing Woodwind Alongside a Trimaran at the Mouth of the Severn River

The problem with a fast boat…

  Everyone want to race ya 🙂 We had some fun with this trimaran, while heading into the Severn River this evening.

Schooner Woodwind on the Bay

More Wind Please….

I think almost every time you mention the word Regatta the winds head the other way. At least that is what I am blaming the lack of wind on. Thisweekend is the Annapolis Race Week Regatta and I feel for all those people out there drifting around with out any wind. Hope fully today will […]

chesapeake sailing Woodwind Marriott

Lower the Main Sail

The wind was light, but pleasant.  We have sailed into the harbor.  Reluctantly, I turn on the engine and head Woodwind into the dying breeze and order the main lowered.  Andy, our crew member is able to get two young sailors to help lower the sail by pulling in our reef lines.  I call to […]

Sailing around the submarine off of Annapolis

Circumnavigating a Submarine

The first day of Labor Day Weekend has begun. We had about 25 people on our early sail and we had about 10-14 knots of breeze. Within a half hour of the sail, we spot a submarine in the distance. We just had to check it out.  I decided to circumnavigate the sub, while staying […]

"The Roadside Show" performs on the Schooner Woodwind

Breeze + Music= Great

We had some great breezes today. It’s funny how “great breeze” might be defined among the captains and crew on the Woodwinds. To us, the crew of the Woodwind II, for today… we had great breezes. Why? The forecast was for no breeze. While we were getting the boat ready to sail, we had no […]

Sailing the Schooner Woodwind into the Chesapeake

Fish, Sail, Fish

The day started by a warm greeting on the dock by Steve. He admired the Woodwind for many years and was excited to finally make today the day he was going to sail on her.  He was out fishing earlier on his boat and he said it was blowing around 18 knots. He shared that […]

Fran and Joe on Schooner Woodwind

Close Encounters of the Crew Kind…

So there I was on a beautiful Tuesday morning raising the sails when all of the sudden I was inundated with crew from all directions and in all types of water craft. Capt. Jen on the paddle board, Whitney on the laser, Sam in the blue kayak and Jocyln in the red kayak. What a […]

Adventure Saturday….

And that is exactly how the  day was. It was an adventure all day long. And everyone that came out with us today had the true adventurer spirit. Despite the rain, which wasn’t to bad, the wind was awesome and made the sailing exhilarating. With winds exceeding 20+ knots sometimes the boat was flying. We […]

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