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Sunset on the Annapolis Skyline

Remembering what makes Annapolis special

You’ve heard people say, “I never explore what’s in my own backyard”. Tonight, we took out many local, downtown businesses through the Annapolis Business Association and Bricks and Clicks organization for them to explore their own backyard. We had about 30 people join us for a two hour sunset sail to the Bay Bridge and […]

Mother's Day on the Woodwind

Happy Mother’s Day….

What a great way to spend the day. Bring your mom out for sailing and a nice brunch to boot. That is what everyone did yesterday. We had awesome sailing all day with winds from 15 to gusts of 30 knots. We sailed with only a reefed main and jib all day but the sailing […]

Going through the buffet line on the Schooner Woodwind II for Mother's Day Brunch.

Happy Mother’s Day!!

What a terrific Mother’s Day. The wind was howling and the sky was absolutely clear. Terrific day for sailing! Having Mother’s Day Brunch? Maybe the conditions were not ideal due to the high winds, but all of the guests had a terrific time and raved about the food. The salmon and beef were amazing, were […]

Tony Lucca singing on the Schooner Woodwind

Tony Lucca sings and sails- May 10 & 11

It has been over two and a half years that we have had Tony Lucca sing and perform on the Schooner Woodwind. A lot has happened since then, like he became the finalist on “The Voice” representing team Adam.  He also has a new CD coming out in June or July. Then he will get […]

Andy shout's "Fire in the hole!"

Woodwind Greets the Pride of Baltimore II

This Friday, as Woodwind sailed back from her evening cruise,the crew spotted The Pride of Baltimore II.  We retrieved our 10 gauge signal cannon and bore down on the Pride.  Crew, Andy Barton waited until the perfect moment and fired.         Firing a cannon (with blanks) is a traditional way to welcome ships into […]

Kay at the helm of Woodwind

Class Trip

The Senior Class of the People’s Baptist Academy of McDonough, Georgia sailed aboard the Woodwind today.  The rain laid down for these fine folks, allowing for some great sailing in an easterly 8 – 12 kts.   They are spending the week visiting Canbridge, Annapolis, and Washington DC.  After visiting the Naval Academy, they hit Chick […]

darren and gigi

Chilly Saturday, Great Sailing

  May 4th was a chilly day with a brisk wind.  We set sail and headed for the Bay Bridge.  Darren and Gigi are enjoying the sail as we fly along at 10 knots with just main and jib.  I have a sweater and sailing jacket on for warmth. Darren deserves to rest, because he […]

Seaplane taking off on the Severn River

Check out this seaplane!

  Sailing is a great way to spend quality time with people in a beautiful and inspiring environment.  Today, we had some very interesting people aboard our schooners.  On our 1230 sail, I caught up with Michelle, a frequent sailor aboard the Woodwinds.  In the afternoon, we met a cool couple from Cleveland, some fresh […]

Schooner Woodwind Sailing Season starts

Sailing into 2013

We have been waiting for the first sail of the season for 6 months! Sunday was not a day to disappoint! The wind was blowing from 10-18 knots and the sky was cloudless and bright blue. Today was a special day, we had the West Hill High School Choral Group on board. This choral group […]

2013 Season Begins…our 1st sails

  Well the 2013 season started with sunshine and great winds. Woodwind covered the 1st public sail of the season while Woodwind 2 went out and ran some of the new crew through some practice drills and let them become more familiar with the boat. After a long winter in the yard all the crew […]

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