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South By Southwest….

We had a great day for sailing today and had a nice south west breeze. This enabled us to get close to the Thomas Point Lighthouse on one of our cruises today. You can definitely tell summer is here though on the water. It is nice when that sea breeze finally fills in from the […]

Drawing from a guest on the Schooner Woodwind

Let’s Go Sailing

Today’s blog was inspired by this great couple that came out sailing today. They had just been out with us last week and purchased a couple of our spectacular Woodwind Koozies (free beer every time you  you come back). So in the morning they looked over and saw the koozies and said ” Let’s  go […]

Windy Monday

Boy did we ever have winds. Every sail we did today we started with a certain amount of sails up and ended up taking some down as the wind strength picked up all day. Our first charter was a team building exercise and we ended up having to drop the Fisherman sail and finish the […]

Sunset off of Woodwind's stern.

Beautiful Sunset

We had a great day sailing Thursday and beat the heat by staying on the water all day. The breezes were light but we were able to avoid using the dreaded 5th sail, the D-Sail (our trusty diesel). Our 1st and 3rd sails had about 20 people apiece, our 2nd sail had one couple from […]

Happy Father’s Day

What a great way to spend Father’s day. We had groups of families all day. Our 1st trip was a special brunch trip to celebrate Father’s day and the buffet and mimosas went over well, everyone had a great time. With all the families we had tons of great kids and they all helped me […]

AJ Meerwald in Annapolis for a visit

A Meer Miss!

We had 4 excellent sails today. The winds were light for the first 3 then really piped up for the sunset. Our first trip was an open 2 hour tour of the bay, then our next 2 trips were private charters. On the 2nd trip were were saluted by cannon fire from the A.J. Meerwald […]

Schooner Woodwind sailing with JWorld Regatta

Another day at the races.

We had 2 sails today on Woodwind . The 1st was a crew match race against our sister ship Woodwind 2. It was a hard fought battle but alas we lost by a nose, or a bowsprit. Our 2nd trip was a great fun trip welcoming out a bunch of the people that work at […]

Nice day on the water

All our sails today were outstanding. We started out with small amounts of people and wind and both increased as the day went on. From 6 guests and 5 knots of breeze to 30 guests and 15 knots of breeze in the evening. On our 1st sail we had a gentleman who had just completed […]

Sailing on the Schooner Woodwind in Annapolis, MD

More new guests everyday!

Today’s sails were nice. We started out in very light wind having to motor back from our first sail to a building breeze that led to a great sunset. We had great groups all day. On one of our trips we had a family reunion that came out to celebrate the life their father. All […]

Sailing on the Schooner Woodwind, photo taken from Woodwind II

Photo Shoot

The sailing today was pleasant. We did 4 sails in very light winds. On our 1st sail I found ourselves to far away and the current was running hard so I needed a little assistance from our trusty diesel to get us home on time. the rest of the day with the light winds we […]

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