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Sailing on Woodwind with cool breezes

Cool Breeze, please.

After several days of hot and humid airs, we rode the leading edge of the cold front this evening!  Aahhhhhhhhhh, so refreshing.



Much gratitude to all that prayed for wind or sacrificed a mosquito to their favorite deity.    We got the sea breeze we were hoping for this evening!!  The southerly shift supplemented the second sunset of the summer season B) We had some fun folks aboard our charter on Woodwind II.  They enjoyed cool summery cocktails and munched […]

Ospreys in the Severn River

She Said Yes

Happy Father’s Day! Many thanks to all the kids for celebrating with pops on Woodwind.  This evening, Woodwind ghosted in and out of the ever peaceful Weems Creek.  With the sun slung low, the schooner projected a tall shadow of her sails on the high banks.  Then, after a day of light and confused airs, a […]

Schooner Woodwind sailing past the AJ Meerwald in Annapolis

Schools Out

With schools letting out for the summer, we’re starting to see more kids aboard with their families. It’s fun turning fresh minds onto sailing.  Woodwind II also met the Schooner A.J. Meerwald on the bay today!  She’s a beautiful oyster workboat hailing from Bivalve, NJ.

Schooner Woodwind sailing in Annapolis

Low Blood Pressure

  This morning on Woodwind II we observed a lot of activity on the surface of the Severn River.  Fish were breaking all around the boat, with several jumps above the water.  We also spied a cow-nose ray splashing on the surface.  Feeding time!  The life around us brought inspiration to our super relaxing sail. […]

HMS Bounty sails into Annapolis

Welcome HMS Bounty

I love a good cold front.  Today’s brought a steady 20+knots for most of the day.  We enjoyed meeting the HMS Bounty on her approach to her anchorage in the harbor.  Check out this photo of them furling sail on the hook.  Still, the highlight was hitting hull speed of 10kts with our fisherman topsail […]

Sailing the Schooner Woodwind at sunset!

Music + Sunset

Singer/songwriter Ken Wenzel’s music complemented one of the best sunsets of the season thus far.

Sail plan of the Schooner Woodwind


What’s up dog?!  Ben from the Flying Dog brewery, yo. The local gourmet market that paid for 70% of the tickets partied with us through sunset.  Most of them resisted the urge to witness the Venus transit across the sun while it was still high in the sky.  Ben was not to be out done […]

Ospreys in Annapolis, taken from Schooner Woodwind

Chick Watch 2012

No, it’s not what you’re thinking.  Although the spring weather does bring many attractive people to Annapolis, we’ve been looking out for newborn osprey!  We’ve been keeping tabs on some of the osprey homes in Annapolis’ harbor, on the Severn, and Back Creek.  Many of these awesome nests are built upon day marks, pilings, and […]

It’s On Like Donkey Kong…

What a way to kick off the summer!  Memorial Sunday 2012.  Much love and celebration for our friends and family that gave their lives.  Be free!! Today, Annapolis was a hive of bees and the weather was the slingshot!  This town was jumping.  Ego Alley surpassed it’s reputation as the busiest intersection within the city […]

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