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Osprey sitting out on Back Creek

Cruising for chicks!

Coming off a busy Memorial Day weekend, my crew-mates Don, Kevin, and I welcomed today’s lighter breeze on Woodwind.  After leaving the harbor with some guests, we decided to head around the Eastport peninsula to check on some of the osprey.  We cruised past George and Martha, the ospreys that reside on the Horn Point shoal marker. […]

Silent Maid and the Bear

Boatspotting: Elf Classic Yacht Regatta and the Ocean Research Project’s R/V Ault

The Woodwind crew, like most mariners, spend a lot of time on and around the water.  Actively and inactively, we engage in “boatspotting”, which I akin to the trainspotting hobby of railroad enthusiasts.  We geek out over boats and recognize them by their lines, sail plan, and routes.  This is a casual game of familiarity. […]

Kay at the helm of Woodwind

Class Trip

The Senior Class of the People’s Baptist Academy of McDonough, Georgia sailed aboard the Woodwind today.  The rain laid down for these fine folks, allowing for some great sailing in an easterly 8 – 12 kts.   They are spending the week visiting Canbridge, Annapolis, and Washington DC.  After visiting the Naval Academy, they hit Chick […]

Seaplane taking off on the Severn River

Check out this seaplane!

  Sailing is a great way to spend quality time with people in a beautiful and inspiring environment.  Today, we had some very interesting people aboard our schooners.  On our 1230 sail, I caught up with Michelle, a frequent sailor aboard the Woodwinds.  In the afternoon, we met a cool couple from Cleveland, some fresh […]

Best tip ever!


Woodwind II felt good today in the steady SSE 15-17kts.  It was a true autumn paradise on the Chesapeake today.  This time of year has always been my favorite time on the bay. We had a family of 6 aboard this afternoon.  As they were boarding, I asked if they were celebrating anything.  A lady […]

Peace from Japan aboard the Schooner Woodwind

International Sailors

Yesterday, an awesome cold front moved across the Chesapeake.  The temperature dropped 25 degrees in 30 minutes!  This brought some very mild and comfortable conditions today.  The air had the crisp smell and feel of the autumn season. Aboard the boat today we had a girl from Tokyo!  She was a former exchange student visiting […]

Playing with Woodwind

Don’t Waste the Wind

Today, the breeze was blasting out of the SSW, just under 20kts at times!  The conditions were perfect: warm sun, cool breeze, and flat water.  Still, we had very few people aboard.  If you are reading this, I advise you to take the kids out of school, call in sick to work, and leave the […]

Sailing Woodwind Alongside a Trimaran at the Mouth of the Severn River

The problem with a fast boat…

  Everyone want to race ya 🙂 We had some fun with this trimaran, while heading into the Severn River this evening.

Lightning over Greenbury Point

Today we gave Woodwind a workout.  She ran gracefully in the southerly that increased over the day.  By the evening we had 19kts of wind, fantastic!  After docking, while we were putting the boat to sleep for the night, we witnessed the start of an incredible light show well to the north.  This was brought […]

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