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Chesapeake Bay, Annapolis sailing cruise

Cocktail Cruise up the Severn

What do you do when the wind gusts up to 30 knots and you have food and cocktails to serve?  Not only that, but many of our guests are dressed up for an elegant cruise with a gentle breeze.  Thank goodness for the Severn River and the adaptable schooner rig.  “Folks, the sun is shining, […]

Elf, with everything flying.

Annapolis Classic Boat Regatta

Annapolis is such a fun place to sail out of.  Today we were able to watch classic wooden boats race in the harbor.  This race was set up by Captain Rick Carrion.  Rick is the captain and owner of the oldest race boat in the USA.  Elf was built in 1888 and has been painstakingly […]

Adam and the moon.

What’s Up? The Moon and Sunset

As Bugs Bunny said, “Eh, What’s up Doc?”  In this case it was “What’s Up Magazine”, the moon and sunset.  The moon-rise occurred just prior to sunset and both made an impressive sight for our guests from “What’s Up Magazine”. There creative publications keep us informed on what’s happening locally in a way that really […]

What a great day!

Schooner Adventurer, reprise, Sailing Capital, Great Sailing

This Sunday we had cool, comfortable temperatures.  Autumn sailing has arrived with the wind from the South, 12 to 18 knots!   As we head into the harbor we see an old friend, Mark Faulstick, on board his 1928 classic schooner, Adventurer.  Some of you may remember my post from August 22 ( showing some details […]

The sun is a fireball as it sinks into the Chesapeake.

Cool Temperature (for August) and a Vivid Sunset

Shirley and Malcolm were originally from England.  I was able to capture the moment showing Woodwind II sailing by our stern as Shirley took the helm. Emmanuel brought his friend Dominique for a sail.  Both friends originally knew each other in their native country, France.  Emmanuel now lives here in New Jersey with his son […]

Adventurer with Woodwind in the background.

Hey, Woodwind is Leaving Without Me!

Sometimes, when no one is looking, I escape!  This is the schooner Adventurer, which is owned by Mark Faulstick from Norwalk, Connecticut (my home state).  She was designed and built by the famous designer, John Alden, in 1928.  She has been a highly successful racer in the Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race in class B (Woodwind […]

Sam explains how to stay on course.

Sam’s Last Day and a Variety of Vessels

Sam is going back to college (Virginia Tech).  He will be missed.  All crew know how to sail before being hired.  We teach them how to adapt that knowledge to our vessel and the details of the business.  We have watched him grow from a newbie to a valuable crew member.  Here you can see […]

Two unique beauties: Gina and Thomas Point Lighthouse.

An Unusual Easterly

Easterlies can either bring rain and nasty weather or dry light air  (sometimes almost no wind) sailing.  Saturday was neither.  The wind was light, but strong enough to provide us with nice sailing and comfortably cool temperature.  It also allowed us to head toward Thomas Point Lighthouse.  On the first three trips we were able […]

Young woman with halo.

Grey skies, who cares!

Most people think the perfect day is blue skies and bright sunshine.  While that is great for business, please take it from me, come sailing with us on a cloudy but windy day and there is magic.  Ask these happy people.   Not only did our guests have a dramatic sky, but also, with less […]

Heading back from the Bay Bridges.  Perfect day to relax.

Relaxed Sail

This was a pleasant day on the Bay.  As you can see by the photos, everyone is relaxed and enjoying the moment. Frequent sailor Jay and his grandson, Drew, joined us and they brought Drew’s cousin Andrew.  Drew took the helm.  Very nice to see how well Drew was able to handle Woodwind II with […]

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