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Crane Vessel transiting the Chesapeake Bay

Holy Cranes

The heat is on!!  Wow, what a hot day yesterday… but we had a nice breeze on the boat. Our first cruise of the day was a Girl Scout Troop from VA. They were juniors learning our Sailing & Navigation program. After the cruise they were going to do the Geocaching Adventure Trail that we […]

Cow Nose Rays & More

A very light air day we had today. We were able to sail on all of our sails even though we didn’t venture very far into the Chesapeake Bay.  But the flat water did help for viewing of the wildlife on the Chesapeake. We saw our first baby osprey head above the Red #4 Day […]

Sunrise over Annapolis Harbor from Schooner Woodwind Boat & Breakfast

Sleeping on a Boat

On June 9, we had four great sails with great people and very flukey winds. On our 4:00 sail, we were sailing with a Sea Breeze in the Chesapeake Bay, meanwhile the other Woodwind, with Captain Ken (Woodwind II), was sailing in a breeze blowing down the Severn River. Truly amazing wind conditions out there. […]

Schooner Woodwind II sailing into the sunset

WOW! What a sunset!

Today, the Schooner Woodwind was sailing on 2 private charters. The 2 charters could not be more different, one had 8 people with a fruit platter while the other maxed out the boat with 48 people and TONS of food. The first sail was just delightful, 6-10 knots from the East. This group was a […]


I Love Sailing

I love sailing, my wife and I spent a whole weekend at Annapolis, MD, May 4-6 2012. This is an amazing trip. Nice crews, wonderful sailing and lots of fun. Hope we can go back and have another one.

Sailing to Thomas Point Lighthouse on the Woodwind

To Thomas Point and Beyond!

What amazing day on the water! Winds were blowing around 15 knots from the West– perfect for possibly making Thomas Point Lighthouse. Our first cruise which was nearly a sell out,  was cool, sunny and breezy. All 4 sails were hoisted as we headed down the Bay. We arrived to Thomas Point Lighthouse quickly, averaging […]

Wednesday Night Racing in Annapolis aboard Woodwind

Wednesday Night Racing

Winds were very light, less than 6 knots for the start. Woodwind was Captain Jen and Woodwind II was Captain Ken. About 12 guests on each vessel. We barely finished the race, and AYC finished their racers in the Severn, too. Great sunset! Captain Ken wins aboard Woodwind II! See the recap of the race […]

Wednesday Night Racing, 5-23-12

Winds were light, 5-10 from East. Nearby thunderstorm forced Annapolis Yacht Club to cancel racing at 6:00pm, we waited until 6:35, and the radar looked all good. Woodwind was skippered by Jen, and Woodwind II by Captain Ken. Woodwind II had a private charter with 46 people, Woodwind was the public with 22 passengers. See […]


May 20 Lighthouse Cruise

Here is a photo I took on our lighthouse sail on May 20, 2012. We had a great time! Thought this picture was beautiful. We spent the weekend in Annapolis to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. This was a great way to finish off a beautiful weekend! Thank you! Photo by Mary Bakey of Somerdale, […]

Wednesday Night Racing, 5-16-12

Winds were blowing from the south, at 12-15. Gorgeous night! Ken on Woodwind, Jen on Woodwind II. A very pretty night to be out on the water. The amount of race boats are increasing and there are up to around 100 sail boats that are participating in the Wednesday Night Races. For Race Recap and […]

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