Opening Day

Baseball, rockish, and Chesapeake sailing season.  There’s always a sense of urgency, longing, anticipation, and burning for opening days.  Okay, maybe burning is going too far.  Regardless, Woodwind sailed twice today, and scratched the itch.  Woodwind II came out to play in the mid afternoon.

Woodeind II opening the 2014 season

Woodind II opening the 2014 season









To celebrate, we had a free raffle for a print of the Woodwind, created by Nancy Hammond.  Nancy’s a local artist ( that was commissioned to produce this print before the boat’s arrival to Annapolis in 1993.  She created the image from the ship’s blueprints, check it out.  It’s brilliant work in the cut out style.  Woodwind II’s dining settee has a copy of her sister’s print.

Nancy Hammond's "Woodwind" signed by the "Wedding Crashers" cast and crew.

Nancy Hammond’s “Woodwind” signed by the “Wedding Crashers” cast and crew.












In the afternoon, we had a salty young lady named Brennah aboard.  She hauled away on the staysail halyard and had a trick at the helm, the start of a pretty good afternoon.  When our crewmate Chris asked her to pull the winning raffle ticket, another guest sailor predicted Brennah would win the prize!

Brennah and her sister win a print of Nancy Hammond's "Woodwind"!

Brennah and her sister win a print of Nancy Hammond’s “Woodwind”!

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