Pictures tell 1000 words

Sailing under the Chesapeake Bay Bridge

Sailing under the Chesapeake Bay Bridge while Woodwind sails through, too.

Beautiful day of sailing! The day started with a successful team-building program for a local company in the morning. They learned how to sail around buoys and navigate safely in the Bay, while using great communication.

On our second sail, we took out another private charter for a regional office outing. The wind picked up to over 15 knots and we had a great reach across the Bay. Many took a turn at the helm in these amazing sailing conditions.

The third sail was a sold out sunset sail. Temps in the mid-70s and wind! It seemed like an obvious choice to sail under the Bay Bridge. The sunset was also lining up to be a great one, with high wispy clouds. It would not disappoint.

I’ll let the pics talk for me…

Woodwind Sailing under the Bay Bridge

Woodwind Sailing under the Bay Bridge

Rick sailing the Woodwind

Rick sailing the Woodwind. He was an active sailor and racer from Canada to the Chesapeake, however he hasn’t sailed in the past 13 years. He was so happy!

Sunset on the Chesapeake

Sunset on the Chesapeake as Woodwind II sails into the harbor.

Sunset on the Chesapeake

The town is on fire! Beautiful sunset!

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  1. Rich Trevelyan September 8, 2013 at 2:08 pm #

    Sounds/Looks like a wonderful day. Wish I was there!

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