Check out this seaplane!

Seaplane taking off on the Severn River

Seaplane taking off on the Severn River


Sailing is a great way to spend quality time with people in a beautiful and inspiring environment.  Today, we had some very interesting people aboard our schooners.  On our 1230 sail, I caught up with Michelle, a frequent sailor aboard the Woodwinds.  In the afternoon, we met a cool couple from Cleveland, some fresh water racers in town for the spring boat show.  We also helped Ryan celebrate his 13th birthday with his grandparents!  Thanks for celebrating with us!


In the afternoon, we cruised by this seaplane!  It was fascinating to see it take off in front of the Naval Station.  We’re always looking at boats on the water, this vessel was the coolest one of the day!


Enjoying cocktails and an evening sail

Enjoying cocktails and an evening sail


For the evening, we hosted a Cocktail Cruise, a Woodwind Special Event.  The sea breeze filled in, creating the best wind of the day.  In addition to our excellent craft beers and organically produced wines, we were serving two signature cocktail- the Breeze and the Woodwind Lemon Ginger Splash.  We also had a fantastic spread of flatbreads and gourmet dips.  This cocktail party was attended by Sophie, who was aboard with her parents.  She apparently didn’t want to go sailing, but had a great time steering the boat.  We’ve won another one over 🙂




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