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A stern looking Woodwind astern


Woodwind heels as it gets the boot from Woodwind II- May 28, 2014. Photo by Katherine Parrish of Austin, Texas

“Learning the Ropes”


The crew got our painfully shy son to set out of his comfort zone and help with the sails! His smile says it all!! Photo by Christina Fuller of Brewerton , NY

It’s On!


We were on Schooner II, and it got really close just after the turn. In 25kt winds! Photo by Lanie Avery of Hampton, Virginia

Adjust the Sails


Taking full advantage of the strong winds! Photo by Lanie Avery of Hampton, Virginia

Woodwind Panorama


May 10, 2014 Boat and Breakfast Photo by Kristen Woodford of Tappan, New York

Woodwind Looking Aft


Looking aft, but looking forward to Boat and Breakfast! Photo by Brad Weinmann of Crestview, FL

The Great Chesapeake Bay Schooners


Schooners set sail and assemble near Bay Bridge at the start of the 15th Annual Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race from Annapolis, MD to Portsmouth, VA. Photo by Dom J. Manalo of Rockville, MD

Woodwind II bears down on Woodwind I


The skipper of the Schooner Woodwinds I tracks ahead of the Schooner Woodwind II at the 2014 Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race from Annapolis, MD to Portsmouth, VA. Photo by Dom J Manalo of Rockville, MD

Framed Schooner Woodwind Poster


During the cold winter months when I am longing for spring and sailing season on the Chesapeake Bay to begin in April, I can look at my Schooner Woodwind poster on my living room wall and remember all the great sailing trips from previous springs, summers and falls. Thanks to Michael’s at the Mount Vernon […]

Who’s Photographing Whom?


I took this picture on the cruise to watch the ships departing the Spectacular celebration. The ships are, from left to right, the Lady Maryland, Witchcraft, Lynx and Celebration. I love that the guy on Witchcraft is taking a picture of us. The Woodwind is a gorgeous schooner in her own right! Photo by Sabrina […]

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