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Being a tourist in our own town!


A night out on the Chesapeake to take advantage of the awesome town we live in! Photo by Jennifer Koppels of Annapolis, Md


Beauty on the Bay Photo by Dale Mayes of Annapolis , Maryland

Schooner Woodwind – Evening Delight


This is me with my friend Jill on the Schooner, looking at the other Schooner on an evening tour this summer – fantastic time. Photo by Ellen Pieklo of Rochester, NY

Sailing at Sunset


My daughter relaxing and enjoying the breeze as we return to the dock after the race. Photo by Dennis Hardy of Manitowoc, Wi.

Quality time sailing


My wife and daughter relaxing after a very exciting race Photo by Dennis Hardy of Manitowoc , Wi. 54220

Evening in Paradise


This is an evening cruise this summer, with my friend Jill. Every time I go to Annapolis, I try to ride on the Woodwind and feel like the world is all OK and I’m in paradise! Photo by Ellen Pieklo of Rochester, NY

Move over, Captain, I’ve got this!


Taken on 08/09/2014 during Plebe Parents Weekend. This is our Plebe, Matt Baugh, and his older brother Michael. Photo by Rita Nuckols of Glen Allen, Virginia

The Captain and his Guests in Action


In this photo we have a lot of action going on! Guest at the wheel while the Captain narrates, flag in motion, camera strap in the wind, and guests enjoying their beverages. Photo by Peggy Young of Lewes, Delaware

Cloudbreak Sunset


Taken on the Severn with an especially dramatic sky for a stunning background, just off the Naval Academy. Photo by Mark Ingino of Stevensville, Md

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