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Working as a Captain on the Schooner Woodwind is awesome. I figured out how to get paid for my favorite hobby(sailing). I started sailing when I was 6 years old right here on the bay. I am a very avid sailboat racer and when not working you can usually find me out racing. I lived/sailed in the Caribbean for 24 yrs. I returned to the Bay area 4 years ago and enjoy every day I am on the water!!
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May 24, 2014

Super Saturday……

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What a great day for sailing. The winds on our 1st 2 trips of the day were blowing from the NW at 10 to 15 knots. The weather was sunny and clear with the temp. in the low 70′s. I am not sure it could get any better than that. We had fun guests all …

Kerric celebrating her birthday at the helm of Schooner Woodwind

May 23, 2014

Let’s Get Memorial Day Weekend Started……

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And we started Memorial Day weekend off right. The wind was fantastic all day. Blowing 15 to 20 knots most of the day and gusting to as high as 28 knots. This made for an exhilarating day of sailing. We started out with enough wind to make it under the bay bridge and back. Woohoo!! …

Zhen and Danielle at the wheel of Schooner Woodwind

May 19, 2014

Another amazing day on the Chesapeake……

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We had 4 wonderful sails today. The winds were light most of the day and the amount of passengers per trip was low, but the weather conditions were fantastic. The sun was shining the winds were blowing and it was just a great day to be on the water. Celebrating her birthday a day early …

Yes... look at that ring and smile!!

May 12, 2014

An Eventful Day……

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Capt. Andy’s first day……! We had a wild and wooly day. About every type of wind condition we could see, we did. It went from  a lazy light wind day to having to drop sails in front of and approaching storm. Good job Andy! We had birthdays. Jane brought her mom from PA down to …

Capt. Ben at the helm of Woodwind II

May 8, 2014

Lazy Hazy Day…….

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It started out as a very lazy day and ended up a very hazy day. The winds were supposed to be light in the morning and it surprised us and picked up to 12 knots. We were able to sail out to one of the coal carriers anchored in the Bay waiting to head up …

The Easport Oyster Boys

September 19, 2013

Good Dogs, Good Hats and Good Boats……!!

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Thursday nights are always our live local music nights and tonight we have Kevin and Tom from the Eastport Oyster Boys aboard with us. What a great time and they have such a  loyal local following that the boat was full.(You guys rock!!) Tonight is also the full harvest moon rising. Our day started off …

AAA Winner Carol Ann at the wheel of the Schooner Woodwind

September 16, 2013

Award Winning Monday…..

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And that is exactly what Carol Ann Baltzer did. She was the AAA winner of a trip for 2 and drinks aboard the Schooner Woodwind. Traveling all the way down from NY to come out and sail with us today. And it was a perfect day for sailing with 12-15 knots of breeze and a …

Sheila from customer service sporting her custom Heavy Seas earrings!!

September 10, 2013

Great Breeze along with Heavy Seas…

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No not the bay, the beer. Tuesday is always beer tasting  and this month we are featuring Heavy Seas Beers. We had 3 excellent sails today with a nice SE breeze that took us down to the Bay Bridge and back a couple of times today. Our 1st trip we had a group join us …

Clear skies equals great sunset!!

September 6, 2013

Sail On….

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What a nice day to be on the water. The winds were from the NE at 8-10 knots and the temperature was in the low 70′s. Beautiful! We had some great conditions and great people. Tom and his wife Pat were up from Phoenix and were enjoying the cool weather. They both love sailing and …

Wines on the Woodwind!!

August 25, 2013

Stranded on an Island

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This was the theme for our August Wine in the Wind trip.Featuring wines from New Zealand, Australia and Sardinia!! And the foods that were paired with the wines Fantastico!! Apple chicken curry salad cups w/ macadamia nuts, New Zealand Lamb and mint Meatball skewers, Australian BBQ Prawns and Sardinian Fennel, chick pea and pecorino salad …

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