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Working as a Captain on the Schooner Woodwind is awesome. I figured out how to get paid for my favorite hobby(sailing). I started sailing when I was 6 years old right here on the bay. I am a very avid sailboat racer and when not working you can usually find me out racing. I lived/sailed in the Caribbean for 24 yrs. I returned to the Bay area 4 years ago and enjoy every day I am on the water!!
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Smilin Jack! At the wheel of the Schooner Woodwind

July 11, 2014

Let’s go Sailing……

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Jacks parents grew up sailing in Barnegut Bay and had a small boat named Smilin Jack. And their son is wearing one of their old hats they had made for the boat as he captains the Schooner Woodwind. How fitting!! Jack and his family joined us from Virginia today. It was a pleasure to have …

Jason at the Wheel of the Schooner Woodwind

July 7, 2014

Monday Sailing, and what great winds………..

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Monday was a great day for sailing. The  winds were in the teens all day. We were able to get under the bay bridge 2 out of 4 sails.Yeah. On our 1st sail Capt. Jason took the wheel and safely guided us through out the Chesapeake bay and Severn River. Good Job Jason!!! Always fun …

Sunset over Greenbury Point

June 30, 2014

History of Greenbury Point…..

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Every Monday is History Day on the Schooner Woodwind. This weeks subject  was on the history of Greenbury Point. Our speaker, Janet Williman, is  very engaging and takes the time to come around the boat and talk to everyone in small groups so all can hear. Thank you Janet for another educational trip. It is …

Come out and enjoy Dead Rise every Tuesday in June on the Schooner Woodwind

June 10, 2014

Flying Dog’s Dead Rise Beer is on board…..!!!

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That’s right. The hardest beer to find in Maryland is on our boat. So come on out on every Tuesday in  the month of June and enjoy a free sample. Every Tuesday aboard the Woodwind is our beer tasting night. This month we are featuring the Flying Dog Brewery from Frederick,Md. The starting line-up is: …

Great day of sailing on the Schooner Woodwind II

June 9, 2014

New Friends and Old Friends…….

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We had some fun kids out on the boat today. Nia joined us along with her family all the way from Atlanta,Ga. She could not get enough helm time. Look at that smile. We had small groups all day so we were able to give her plenty of time behind the wheel. Braeden and his …

Look at those smiles. Dee and Dave just got engaged!!!

June 8, 2014

Wine in the Wind…..Italian Style

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And what a great day it was for it!! The sun was out and the winds were blowing 10-15 knots all day. Yeeha hold onto your hats. We started our day with a trip full of girl scouts doing our Power of  Team program. They got to learn about the boat, trim the sails and …

June 7, 2014

Can you Believe this weather……

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If you would have told me that I would be sailing in this kind of weather in June in Annapolis , I would have thought you were joking. We had cool temps. and a nice breeze that just made it so enjoyable to be out on the water. On our 1st trip of the day …

Did you say duck when the boom comes over

June 5, 2014

For my money I would DUCK if the boom was coming toward me…..

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Zoe and her family travelled from Ohio this week so she could attend a week at the Naval Academy to see what life is like there. She will be a senior this coming year and has applied to the academy. Her father was in the navy for 32 years. Good luck Zoe we wish you …

We weren't the only ones out in the rain....

May 30, 2014

Rainy Day Friday….

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Friday was one of those days you wish you were in front of the fireplace snuggled up with a good book and some hot chocolate. But we decided we would go sailing instead with the few brave souls who ventured down to the docks today…. I pulled out the gore-tex gear and weathered the storms …

Closer view of The last working screwpile lighthouse in the Chesapeake Bay.

May 27, 2014

Sights on the Bay……

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Between Thomas Point Light and the Bay Bridge was the ground (water) we covered today. It was a great day to be on the water. We started out in the direction of Thomas Point Light and the winds were generous enough for us to head over toward Bloody Point on Kent Island after that. On …

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