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How do you answer the question, What do I want to do when I grow up? For me, it was, ask the question what do I love to do that I can share with others and make it a career? I taught instrumental music to elementary students for 25 years. When that was no longer an option due to budget cuts, I asked the question again? This time the answer was, with the help of my family, Schooner Woodwind.
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September 20, 2012

Music on the water (two Woodwinds, mandolin, violin, guitar and voice)

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Woodwind was aptly named.  Made of wood and driven by the wind.  The musical side of the name is also inescapable.  Clarinet, oboe, bassoon, to name a few.  Guitar, mandolin, and violin may not be the wind part, but they are wood.  Add voice and you add wind.  So tonight, Thursday, we have those very …

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September 11, 2012

Sandbagger? “What are you talking about?”

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We had an unusual combination of circumstances to make today’s cruise special and hopefully this will result in a unique blog.  The most important part of the blog is that one of our guests, Luc Lapointe, is an excellent photographer and was kind enough to share his talent with us.  Thank you Luc. I have a …

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September 8, 2012

FAST Sailing, Some science, Lots of excitement

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The wind was blowing 18 to 25 knots from the South.  This is a windy day with a little bit of chop to produce spray enough to occasionally douse the guests forward.  With the sun and warm temperatures, the spray is refreshing.  We are flying through the water and at one point hit 11 plus …

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September 7, 2012

Smiles, LARGE Freighter, Sunset

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Was today perfect sailing conditions?  Taneka thought so. She is in first grade and her smile is the best answer to the question.  We had 15+ knots from the South with sunny skies. We have just passed under the Bay Bridge, thinking, “10 knots is really fast.”  Crew member Jocelyn clears her throat and says, …

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September 2, 2012

Lower the Main Sail

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The wind was light, but pleasant.  We have sailed into the harbor.  Reluctantly, I turn on the engine and head Woodwind into the dying breeze and order the main lowered.  Andy, our crew member is able to get two young sailors to help lower the sail by pulling in our reef lines.  I call to …

August 22, 2012

What Do You Do If?

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What do you do if there is no wind?  It was a beautiful cool evening, so we motored up the Severn River.  We are very fortunate to have such a beautiful area to show off.  We had many of the children on board take the helm.  As you can see, for young Caroline, it was …

August 19, 2012

Cool August, Surprise!

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I always think of August as the HOT month.  I was certainly wrong on Sunday.  It was a delightfully cool day, even with a brief, light period of  ”liquid” sunshine. In the cockpit we had a group from Mexico and Peru.  Most had never sailed before.  I always enjoy explaining to visitors, especially from places …

August 11, 2012

No cobwebs here!

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We all need days like this!  A strong breeze like this helps focus my mind away from the mundane.

Why I Love Annapolis Photo

August 10, 2012

Friday, 8/10 Great day!

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Woodwind sails well in all conditions, but she excelled today.  For such a fast boat, Woodwind is well balanced.  That does not mean she will tolerate a poor helmsman.  Isabelle, was up for the challenge.  I held the wheel and  my young student felt my corrections, concentrating on the distant horizon.  Then I let go and …

Sailing into the sunset on the Chesapeake Bay

July 29, 2012

Everything Local

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Captain Jen and I love food.  Jen is, admittedly, an avid foodie.  So when I saw the Everything Local Cruise, I had to plead my case to be captain.  She came up with the perfect solution.  I would captain and she would be the hostess, even though officially she was “off”.  The idea worked perfectly. …

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