July 13, 2014

You Know it’s Windy when…

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You know it’s a windy, awesome day for sailing on the Woodwind when:

  • Frequent Sailors’ are on each cruise and bring their friends (Russ, Joyce, Deb, Patrick, Pat, Ana, etc.)
  • Frequent Sailors’ come by themselves because they are spontaneous and know a good sailing day when they see one. (Kathy)
  • You have to tell guests that there is a splash zone in the bow of the boat area -and ask if they want a complementary poncho. (too many to mention)
  • The crew warns people about drinking red wine and that the wind likes red wine too (wink wink)
  • Kids who try sailing the boat now want to go to sailing camp (Lola, Jack, Jada, etc.)
  • Guests still get wet (by waving off the poncho) and love that they are almost dry by the end of the cruise.
  • Your Dad and boyfriend show up to go sailing on the sunset sail because it is an amazing sailing day

Yup, they all happened! What a fantastic day! Wish I had more pictures, so if you took some, please send them in.  A day to go in the records- all four cruises winds were over 15 knots and boat speeds were over 10 knots on each cruise.

Lola, 5 years old, taking a turn at the helm

Lola, 5 years old, taking a turn at the helm

Frequent Sailor Russ at the helm.

Frequent Sailor Russ at the helm.


Frequent Sailor Joyce and her friends.

Frequent Sailor Joyce and her friends.

Celebrating the bachelorette.

Celebrating the bachelorette. (girl on right)


Captain Jennifer

About Captain Jennifer

Sailing has been a vital part of Jen's life since she was 5. Racing and cruising with her family filled her summers until she started teaching kids to sail. Her sophomore year in college, she sailed the Caribbean on a 125-ft schooner for credit in science, literature, and history. She now was addicted to schooner sailing. 3 years later, her family built the Woodwind. At 26, she became a captain.

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  1. Joyce July 16, 2014 at 7:33 am #

    It was our friends first sail on the Woodwind and all our raves were well founded! A great time had by all! A perfect windy day for a sail. Thank you Captain Jen and Crew!!

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