July 21, 2014

Is this the same schooner?

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Ruth sailing the Woodwind in 1997.

Ruth sailing the Woodwind in 1997.

Sailing on the Woodwind

Ruth sailing the Woodwind 17 years later. She hasn’t changed a bit!

The first conversation of the day started with, “Is this the same schooner?….” We get this question a lot, followed by “as used in the Wedding Crasher’s Movie?”

But this was a different question… “as the one that was here, maybe 17 years ago?” I answered them, “yes it was, did you sail with us before?” The gentleman pulled out his wallet and showed me a picture of his wife, Ruth, steering the Woodwind 17 years ago. He has had this picture in his wallet for this long!  It shows her aboard the boat, with very little changes in the boat, and his wife barely looks a year older!  He tells me that his wife is the best investment he ever made, his second best investment was his Tilley hat that he was wearing proudly.  The couple then tells me the story that they were last in town from Fresno, CA 17 years ago to see their nephew graduate. This week, the same nephew was getting married. They go on to tell me that think I was there captain and even took the picture. We recreated the picture today. I was so glad I was working today to witness this very special occasion.

Skipjack, "Stanley Norman" and Trumpy, "SS Sophie". 2 Classic Chesapeake Built Boats.

Skipjack, “Stanley Norman” and Trumpy, “SS Sophie”. 2 Classic Chesapeake Built Boats.  It was such a treat to see these boats out together. Click for larger view!

The 4 sails that we cruised on today were good. One we had to motor most of the trip, but the guests loved seeing Back Creek, aka “Debter’s Creek”.

On the last cruise, it was our History Monday cruise and we had a blast. Tom Guay was the speaker and he talked about the Golden Age of Annapolis which spanned from the 1750′s-1785. (I think.) But he played fiddle songs along with the historical knowledge of the time period. He played drinking songs that would have happened in Middleton’s Tavern. He played a song that would have been played at Valley Forge with the troops to keep warm.

Alex, from Long Island, sailing the Woodwind

Alex, from Long Island, sailing the Woodwind

Tom Guay telling the history of the Golden Age of Annapolis

Tom Guay telling the history of the Golden Age of Annapolis

You have to check out when he does this program again on the Woodwind. It will be on August 11.


Click picture to play a snippet of fiddle playing under sail!

Click picture to play a snippet of fiddle playing under sail!

Here’s a video of Tom Guay playing the fiddle- while sailing!


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