April 27, 2014

Cocktail Cruise up the Severn

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What do you do when the wind gusts up to 30 knots and you have food and cocktails to serve?  Not only that, but many of our guests are dressed up for an elegant cruise with a gentle breeze.  Thank goodness for the Severn River and the adaptable schooner rig.  ”Folks, the sun is shining, the spring weather and the new green and blossoming trees will be glorious as we sail up the Severn River.  It’s extremely windy, so if you have a hat you may want to tie it down or take it off.”  With a choice of 4 sails, we only fly 2:  A double reefed main and our staysail, the smallest sail in our inventory.  Look at the photos.  You would never know that the wind was howling.

Chesapeake Bay, Annapolis sailing cruise

We have just sailed under the Naval Academy Bridge. Our guests have their choice of mini gourmet pizzas, hummus, whole grain crackers and other delights.


Crew member Chris explains the history of the Severn River.


Some of our guests are well dressed including the gentlemen with his yachting “whites” sporting a bow tie.

This fellow sips a porter from Port City Brewery as he takes in the scenery.

This fellow sips a porter from Port City Brewery as he takes in the scenery.  The Naval Academy is in the background.


As we near the dock and the end of the trip, the clouds darken and and drama to a setting sun and beautiful view of Saint Mary’s Church.  Thank you Walter Sturm.

image (2)

St Mary’s and dramatic clouds.


The sunset and clouds make St Mary’s Church Spire a prominent silhouette.


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