September 20, 2012

Music on the water (two Woodwinds, mandolin, violin, guitar and voice)

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Kate, Matt and Andy sing and play with wood and wind.

Woodwind was aptly named.  Made of wood and driven by the wind.  The musical side of the name is also inescapable.  Clarinet, oboe, bassoon, to name a few.  Guitar, mandolin, and violin may not be the wind part, but they are wood.  Add voice and you add wind.  So tonight, Thursday, we have those very instruments played by Kathleen Mogelgaard, Matt Haygood,  and Andy Shephard.  The name of their group is Stick Mob and they play traditional acoustic music in a bluegrass style.  Actually, I don’t want to pigeon hole them.  They played in a variety of styles.  What impressed me about their music is how well thought out their music is.  Especially their own compositions.  There are certain sections that are played in a very specific way.  They also value silence as well as sound.

Sailing Cruises, Chesapeake Bay, Annapolis Marriott Waterfront Hotel, schooner

Both Woodwinds ghost by enjoying a cool musical moment.

Both Woodwinds were out tonight.   Captain Jen (my daughter), her crew and guests wanted to hear the music and so they decided that the solution was to sail by.  What a treat!  A cool autumn evening, two 74 foot sailboats  passing slowly in a light breeze and music.  Just look at this moment!

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How do you answer the question, What do I want to do when I grow up? For me, it was, ask the question what do I love to do that I can share with others and make it a career? I taught instrumental music to elementary students for 25 years. When that was no longer an option due to budget cuts, I asked the question again? This time the answer was, with the help of my family, Schooner Woodwind.
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