September 5, 2012

Don’t Waste the Wind

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Today, the breeze was blasting out of the SSW, just under 20kts at times!  The conditions were perfect: warm sun, cool breeze, and flat water.  Still, we had very few people aboard.  If you are reading this, I advise you to take the kids out of school, call in sick to work, and leave the chores for another day.  You can’t waste wind like this!

Classmates on the Bay

Classmates on the Bay


On the first sail, we had 2 former classmates from “The” University of Virginia.  They drove their car through some rain to get to Annapolis.  But, they new it was going to clear into a beautiful day.  After getting out into the Bay, we put them at the helm.  Rena, Jocelyn, and I trimmed sails.  Together, we got the boat moving at a mighty 10kts!

We flew across the bay to Kent Island, tacked, and cruised between some anchored cargo ships.  We covered a lot of distance before returning to the dock 2 hours later.




With the approach of sunset, I was a little anxious that we would not have any guests aboard for our last sail.  Thankfully, some

Watching Woodwind Sail into the Sun

Watching Woodwind Sail into the Sun

friends from Fell’s Point came aboard, allowing us to bring a great day of sailing to closure.  We sailed with our sistership, the Woodwind, to the Bay Bridge.  Jocelyn took the helm, gracefully steering us back toward the Severn River.

Playing with Woodwind

Playing with Woodwind

Captain Mike

About Captain Mike

Captain Mike is a Chesapeake native and a resident of South Baltimore. He joined the Woodwind in 2010, after running traditional Chesapeake work boats focused on outdoor experiential education. Mike has managed sailboat fleets for a community sailing center in Baltimore City and a bareboat charter company in Annapolis. Mike enjoys sharing his interest in Chesapeake ecology and maritime culture.
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