September 25, 2012

Dogtoberfest….And Flying Dogs

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Flying Dog's new Atlantic Lager

Flying Dog’s new Atlantic Lager

Our last beer tasting of the season. Flying Dog Brewery is our sponsor this evening and we will be tasting 3 of their wonderful beers. Ben Wiser from the brewery will be Flying Dog’s representative aboard the Woodwind this evening. Always fun and entertaining it is a pleasure to have Ben aboard. And what a great day for it. The winds are up and the sailing was great. We made it down and under the bay bridge on our 1st two trips.

Our early trips of the day were light on people but our beer tasting, always a fan favorite, was sold out with 48 passengers.

On our 1st trip an old crew member,Mark Talbot and his wife came out to celebrate their anniversary. It was nice to meet you guys and congratulations!! The winds were blowing 12-15 knots and we made it down to the bridge easily. It is always fun when the winds pick up and comes from the right direction and take people to show them the bridge from a whole different perspective.

Rena and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge

Rena and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge

On our 2nd trip we only had 6 people. The sailing again was awesome. We used all the sails on the way down to the bridge, but the winds picked up and we dropped the fisherman sail and came back with only the main, staysail and jib. We were still moving along at 10-11 knots. Jerry from Rochester,NY. steered the boat most of the trip. He used to do a lot of sailing on Mumm 30′s. The trip back from the bridge was a lot of fun.

Blasting along at 10+ knots

Blasting along at 10+ knots

Our last sail of the day was our Flying Dog beer tasting night and the trip was sold out. The winds were still up so we only used 2 of our sails to slow the boat down and not spill the beers. Ben from Flying Dog Brewery was here to tell us all about the beer everyone was tasting and about Flying Dog. Thanks Ben it is always good to see you and we look forward to some of the special events that Flying Dog is going to host over the winter months.

Ben from Flying Dog at the helm

Ben from Flying Dog at the helm


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Working as a Captain on the Schooner Woodwind is awesome. I figured out how to get paid for my favorite hobby(sailing). I started sailing when I was 6 years old right here on the bay. I am a very avid sailboat racer and when not working you can usually find me out racing. I lived/sailed in the Caribbean for 24 yrs. I returned to the Bay area 4 years ago and enjoy every day I am on the water!!
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