June 21, 2012


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Much gratitude to all that prayed for wind or sacrificed a mosquito to their favorite deity.    We got the sea breeze we were hoping for this evening!!  The southerly shift supplemented the second sunset of the summer season B)


Helm Diagram by Dave Acree

We had some fun folks aboard our charter on Woodwind II.  They enjoyed cool summery cocktails and munched on refreshing fruit’s and veggies.  While the platters were on deck, in between 2 great sessions of  guests on the helm, Don and I started developing what could be the next productive schooner game aboard the Woodwinds.  After setting course and sail trim, we speculated on how well the boat was balanced- how long she would track on course without touching the wheel.  These schooners amaze me.
If you want to geek out on this subject, hit this.  The explanation of the simple forces on a model yacht makes it very understandable.  It takes a mighty finger to push Woodwind II around!
Captain Mike

About Captain Mike

Captain Mike is a Chesapeake native and a resident of South Baltimore. He joined the Woodwind in 2010, after running traditional Chesapeake work boats focused on outdoor experiential education. Mike has managed sailboat fleets for a community sailing center in Baltimore City and a bareboat charter company in Annapolis. Mike enjoys sharing his interest in Chesapeake ecology and maritime culture.
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